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Casa Litarà belongs to the category of «casini», historic rural residences functional to agricultural activities and linked to the names of noble families or wealthy landowners. Usually on the ground floor from the arched doorway you entered the entrance hall and the adjacent agricultural spaces, while on the first floor or main floor you could find halls with typical high ceilings, vaulted, «  a stella » or « lunetatte »

Casa Litarà dates back to the end of the 19th century and would have belonged to the owner of the tobacco fields which were then located in the land in front of the property, currently the garden. On the ground floor lived the « tabacchine», the tobacco pickers; one of the ground floor rooms served as a warehouse, while the other room served as a dormitory, in which the kitchen was located. Under the kitchen there is an existing water tank. The first floor was the noble floor and residence of the owner. The 8-pointed star vaults adorn the main rooms.

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Litarà in Greek means «where stone dominates». The importance of stone is evident in the history and landscape of Salento with the prehistoric dolmens and menhirs, the rural stone walls, the oil mills, the "pajare" or "furnieddhi" scattered everywhere in the countryside.

In Casa Litarà the stone dominates in the vaults, in the floors, in the furnishings, and since the most beautiful creations are born from the encounter and combination of different elements, in the 4 bedrooms the stone meets the other three materials: the wood, the iron and the « terracotta »


My name is Giorgia and I will personally welcome those who will choose Casa Litarà as «their home away from home». I dedicate to my guests all the attention they need so that they can live a unique and unforgettable experience.


Casa Litarà was born from my personal experience as a traveler and from my professional experience in the hospitality industry in Italy and abroad. The art of hospitality has become my passion, for this, Casa Litarà is the realization of a dream and the fruit of two encounters.



The first is the meeting between me and my origins, more exactly a coming back. After years of living far from my homeland I returned to invest my professional skills and to reconnect with my roots.

The second meeting is that between the materials used in the renovation phase of the structure, all belonging to the Salento architectural tradition. The km0 materials have been worked by craftsmen and companies in the area, to showcase the «pietra leccese», «cementine», «terracotta», wood  and iron working. The rooms of Casa Litarà come to life from the meeting of these materials. Each room is characterized by the predominance of one material rather than the other, and each tells a story, which only the attentive guest will be able to listen to by experiencing the atmosphere of each room.

Casa Litarà is the ideal place to stay in a familiar, relaxing and welcoming environment, to spend a pleasant holiday of relaxation and maximum comfort. The house offers all the services for an exclusive holiday in Puglia, for all those who really want to get in touch with the area, discover its personality, capture its authenticity and individuality. Attention, availability and courtesy are the elements that accompany my hospitality daily.


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